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Our Journal

Delicious Non-Alcoholic Citrus Cocktail Recipes using Seedlip Grove 42

As Summer approaches, there's nothing more relaxing than sitting in the garden with a refreshing drink in hand. Even if the sun isn't shining, we all need that pick-me-up at the end of a long day to help us wind down and switch off.

Our sophisticated non-alcoholic citrus cocktails made with Seedlip Grove 42 are the perfect make-at-home option. From quick and easy recipes to the slightly more intricate creations, there's a recipe for everyone depending on just how ambitious you might be feeling.

The citrus forward Seedlip Grove 42 blend includes three different types of Orange and a hint of Lemon and Ginger to create a bright, uplifting spirit that is delicious when simply topped with tonic or mixed with other quality ingredients to make Orange flavoured, non-alcoholic cocktails. Below, we have put together six of our favourite Seedlip Grove 42 cocktail recipes with a quintessential citrus twist, that we think you'll enjoy making and tasting at home.


This classic mix of Seedlip & Tonic is the best way to experience the subtle, yet complex flavours of Seedlip Grove 42 if you've never tasted it before. If you’re looking for a drink that is simple-to-make and refreshing, this is it.

Grove 42: 50ml
Indian Tonic: Top
Ice: Cubed

Glass & garnish
Orange twist

Fill a tall glass with ice. Add Seedlip Grove 42. Top with tonic. Garnish with an Orange twist

Grove & Tonic


An icon within the world of cocktails, the Cosmopolitan is a drink made famous by the likes of Sex and the City and we’ve come up with a non-alcoholic version, the CosNOpolitan. This Seedlip cocktail mixes Seedlip Grove 42 with Cranberry juice and a little Lime. It’s delicious.

Seedlip Grove 42: 50ml
Cranberry Juice: 30ml
Lime Juice: 15ml
Sugar: 10ml

Glass & garnish
Chilled Coupe
Orange zest

Shake 3 times with ice. Fine strain into the glass.

Non-alcoholic Cosmopolitan style cocktail using Seedlip Grove 42


Our Grove Spritz marries Æcorn and Seedlip in equal measure for a refreshing drink to enjoy on a sunny day. This is a fantastic choice when you’re looking for an elegant cocktail to sip on, with your feet up in the garden.

Seedlip Grove 42: 25ml
Æcorn Bitter: 25ml
Soda: Top

Glass & Garnish
Wine glass
Grapefruit Twist

Build over Ice

Aecorn Grove Spritz


This alcohol-free alternative to the traditional celebratory Mimosa cocktail is beautifully matched with a breakfast feast, or just enjoyed on its own. The MiNOsa never fails to make the day feel that little bit more special.

Seedlip Grove 42: 50ml
Clementine Juice: 25ml
Cold Soda: Top

Glass & Garnish
Edible Flower




Refreshing and packed with flavour, the Grove Margarita is a non-alcoholic version of the classic Summer margarita cocktail. The mix of sharp and sweet is everything you want from a cocktail on a warm sunny day and it’s really easy to make.

Seedlip Grove 42: 50ml
Agave Syrup: 1 tbsp
Fresh Lime Juice: 20ml
Ice: Cubed

Glass & garnish
Salt Rim, Lime Wheel

First prepare your glass by running a Lime wedge around the outside of the rim then roll the rim in salt. Add all the ingredients w/ice to a cocktail shaker. Shake & strain over fresh cubes of ice into a tumbler. Garnish w/ a Lime wheel. Don’t have Agave syrup? Swap it out for Honey.

Grove 42 Margarita


Ginger beer and Seedlip Grove 42 is a perfect match as the beer compliments the warm Ginger notes in Grove 42 but adds a little fizz, which we always seem to crave when the weather warms up. The recipe couldn’t be simpler. Ideal for a mid-week treat after work.

Seedlip Grove 42: 50ml
Ginger Beer: Top

Glass & garnish
Copper mug
Lime slice

Build over cubed ice and top with Ginger beer

Light & Breezy