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Our Journal

Why Tea is a Delicious Ingredient in Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

    There’s an easier way to make cordials and syrups for non-alcoholic cocktail recipes without buying a lot of fresh ingredients – tea.

    It may sound unusual, but tea, particularly loose-leaf tea, can give you access to hundreds of different flavour profiles from ingredients not usually encountered in a supermarket or greengrocer. To make it into a syrup you simply boil the tea, steep it for a few minutes and then add equal parts sugar.

    Another benefit is the tannin in the tea gives the cocktail a complex dryness that helps to clean the palate. Think about the mouth feel and slight bitterness experienced when drinking wine or coffee – that’s caused by the astringency of the tannins. But, be careful not to over steep the tea or you could end up with it tasting overly tannic, which can be unpleasant.

    If you’re budding at-home bartender interested in trying out different cocktail-making techniques, here are a few Seedlip cocktails with tea included in the recipe to help you discover how to use tea in non-alcoholic cocktails.

    Grove Cup

    Rhubarb Tea: 10ml
    Fever-Tree Smoky Ginger Ale: Top

    Wine Glass full of ice
    Rhubarb Ribbon


    Grove Cup


    Seedlip Grove 42: 50ml
    Coconut sugar: 1 bar spoon
    Hot Assam Tea*: 120ml

    Heatproof mug
    Ginger peel


    *Assam Tea - Brew one tea bag in boiling water for two minutes.


    Voyage Punch

    Seedlip Spice 94: 500ml
    Lemon Cordial: 200ml
    Cold Brew Jasmine Tea*: 600ml

    Punch bowl & glasses
    Pink Grapefruit wedges, Lemon zest & fresh Mint

    Combine ingredients with large ice blocks and allow to chill.

    Add five Jasmine tea bags into 600ml of cold water. Allow to infuse for six hours or in the fridge overnight. Remove tea bags & bottle. Keep Chilled. Use in one or two days.

    TIP: You can make the ice blocks a couple of days before. Just fill some empty ice cream tubs with water and place in freezer a couple days before.