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Seedlip’s Nature Resolutions: A commitment to future-proof our ingredients

    We are Seedlip. We are Non-Alcoholic. We are Nature.

    No nature, no Seedlip.

    As part of our commitment to celebrate and protect the planet, we’re starting an exciting new chapter. The first steps on our journey towards lasting change. It’s the pursuit of progress and positive actions, not perfection. This shift will ensure we can continue to grow our ingredients for years to come.

    Seedlip’s Nature Resolutions

    Our delicious non-alcoholic drinks will always be from nature, for nature; celebrating the amazing and vast range of flavour that it provides. The botanicals we use are carefully sourced from a global network of growers, ensuring we use the highest quality herbs, spices, barks, and citrus we can find.

    To ensure our ingredients have a future, we will continue to support grassroots environmental causes working to conserve biodiversity and better their communities. Through activism and advocacy – donations and doing – we’ll continue to support others who are doing good.

    We are no means perfect. This chapter is all about progress. We are actively working to minimise our impact on the planet. Using our platform, we will continue to trailblaze and influence the industry – as a force for good.

    We have completed an independent & peer reviewed Life Cycle Analysis from field to bin to truly understand where there are opportunities to further reduce our impact on the environment. By unearthing every detail we can really understand the cause and effect of our business and make certain our activities are ethical, sustainable and responsible. With this better understanding, and a clearer focus, last year we began to innovate our packaging materials for example – working with industry leaders like Flexi-Hex, Magical Mushroom Co and Earthinks, making fully biodegradable or recyclable alternatives.

    We measure our carbon footprint, so we can reduce it to an acceptable level to offset supporting initiatives that ensure we can keep growing our ingredients and we will be carbon neutral by the end of 2022. This journey is one we hope to share with you, and we will update you on our progress over the next few months.

    We are the wonder of nature from Seed to Lip.

    We are Seedlip.

    We are Nature.

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