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Autumn Pumpkins.jpg

Our Journal

Seasonal Highlights: What to Look Out for this Autumn

Sunlight filtering through morning fog, colour-rich tree canopies and spider webs covered in dew. All moments that remind us why Autumn is so spectacular. If you’re out walking this month, keep your eyes peeled for some of the season’s best bits: fungi hiding at the base of trees, acorns, chestnuts free from their shells and bright berries.

We’ve created an illustrated guide to a few Autumn highlights, so you know what to look for when you’re out and about. It’s a bit like Autumn bingo. Simply follow the link below & download the PDF to have the guide on your phone. On your next walk, really take-in your surroundings. Look for the items within the guide and see if you can get a full house.

We’d love to know how you get on. Share your adventures by tagging Seedlip & use the hashtag #autumnbingo

Download the PDF here


Like small jewels, Rosehips add to the riot of colour in October. Spot them in hedgerows or even in domestic gardens, where Rose bushes have stopped flowering. Colours range from bright red to dark purple.


More abundant towards the end of Autumn, Heather will keep flowering all Winter, providing much needed colour and sometimes scent when there is little else in the garden. You’re more likely to find Heather growing on lower parts of hills or mountains in the southern parts of the UK.


Acorns contain seeds of the Oak Tree. The tough shell is attached to a cupule [the hat-shaped bit at the top] but they do become separated so look out for both.

Autumn Leaves

Deciduous trees slowly stop producing green chlorophyll in Autumn in readiness for Winter. When the chlorophyll disappears, the leaves reveal their true colours transforming the tree canopy into fiery shades of red, orange and yellow.

Sweet Chestnuts

Not to be confused with Horse Chestnuts, the ones you play conkers with, these are the seeds of Sweet Chestnut trees. The very prickly husks fall in Autumn and protect the shiny, reddish-brown fruits within. These are traditionally roasted and eaten at Christmas.


Mushrooms appear when the Autumn rains begin. They trigger the extensive network of mycorrhizal fungi beneath the soil to begin fruiting. Mushrooms in all their different shapes and forms emerge and then spread spores to ensure growth the following year. Good places to look are at the base of trees.

Download the PDF here