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Welcome to the spring issue of Beasley Journal:


2-minute read

Welcome to the spring issue of Beasley Journal

Welcome to the spring issue of Beasley Journal, in which photographers Haarkon explore the beauty found in unpredictable weather, Seedlip’s Head of Nature Tom Harfleet looks into why this could be the most memorable spring ever, and Claire Warner, founder of Æcorn Drinks, dives into the world of salinity – the taste of salt that we’re all a little obsessed with.

For the second part of his series on British woodlands, environmentalist and furniture-maker Sebastian Cox celebrates the new energy that spring brings to the woods, beauty found in wild spaces, and the emergence of this season’s wildflowers.

Also in this issue, self-confessed botanical runner and endurance horticulturalist Charlie Harpur charts the relationship he and his body has with nature when running, and Dom Bridges, founder of natural skincare company Haeckels, champions the use of seaweed, and reminds us why it’s so important to protect our oceans.

Finally Beasley Journal’s editor, Alys, had the privilege of talking to Rod Lamborn who is continuing the legacy of Calvin’s Peas, a family-run seed company in Idaho, USA, named after Calvin Lamborn, Rod’s late father and inventor of the sugar snap pea.

It’s business unusual for the Beasley Journal Team. Covid-19 has demanded that we remain in the world of digital publishing for now, but we hope to return to printed editions as soon as we’re able to.

Spring 2020 is available to read now on ISSUU.

About Beasley Journal

Beasley Journal is a quarterly publication published by Seedlip Drinks.

The stories shared within the journal demonstrate how humans are connecting to nature on a deeper level, illustrate how innovative ideas are changing the status quo of the world and why we need to take more responsibility for the environment.

Why Beasley?

Beasley is the old English word for Pea meadow.

It’s also the name of Beasley Farm, a soon-to-be centre of excellence for the non-alcoholic category and home to the Seedlip portfolio set within 1000 acres on Ben Branson’s family farm deep in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Follow @beasley_farm on Instagram for updates.