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The Beasley 24: A bartender programme from the people that brought you Seedlip

Future leaders of the drinks industry

1-minute read

The Beasley 24: a bartender programme from the people that brought you Seedlip

The Beasley 24 is Seedlip’s bartender programme built around the future leaders of the drinks industry.

The Beasley 24 is our community of bartenders who we want to work with to continue to pioneer the world of non-alcoholic drinks. We want to welcome this group into the world of both Seedlip & Æcorn with our appreciation for Nature, Simplicity & Taste. And it’s these three values that will be our focus throughout the Beasley 24 program.

We’re excited to give Beasley Farm’s name to the programme and the number relates to the 24 classifications of plants identified by Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus in Genera Plantarum, written in 1753. Nature influences all we do and we wanted to give a little nod to the person who took the hugely complex natural world and introduced a little simplicity.

This amazing group of bartenders includes:
Nicky Graham. Lyaness, London.
Ben Shelmerdine. HMSS, Bristol.
Phil Robins. The Gate, Glasgow.
Dave Court. Jake’s Bar, Leeds.
Cameron Moncaster. The Conduit, London.
Dani Watkins. Lab 22, Cardiff.
Toby Heap. Blue Bar, The Berkeley, London.
Julian Zerressen. Silo, London.
Becca Drew. The Last Word Saloon, Edinburgh.
Elliot Pieddeloup. Wilder, London.
Jake O’Brien Murphy. American Bar, The Savoy, London.
We’re excited to see what we’ll achieve this year.

Watch this space to find out more about Beasley 24.

Beasley 24