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Our Journal

Three Ways to Make a Non-Alcoholic Martini

When it comes to cocktails, the Martini is a grand dame behind the bar. Despite the phrase “shaken not stirred” made famous by the Vodka Martini in the James Bond films, the Martini is a classic cocktail that needs only a simple stir for the ingredients to come together.

If you’d rather leave the alcohol out of your Martini, you’re in the right place. Seedlip has a sophisticated alternative recipe which replaces the gin [or vodka].

We use Seedlip Garden 108 and Seedlip Spice 94 in the three recipes below. Each is a non-alcoholic twist on a classic Martini cocktail. You may find you prefer one over the other depending on how traditional you like your Martini-drinking experience to be.

We suggest you try making all three, so you can decide for yourself which is your favourite non-alcoholic Martini recipe.

Here are three ways to make an alcohol-free Martini.


Our take on a classic Martini using Seedlip Garden 108 and the Dry variant from our sister company Æcorn Aperitifs.


Seedlip Garden 108: 40ml Æcorn Dry: 40ml


Short stir over ice & strain


Coupe or Martini glass Garnish w/ a Lemon twist & Olive on a stick




A Martini with a shrub base. Shrubs add interest and a complexity of flavour to a cocktail. We’re a big fan of Peas at Seedlip and this shrub matches perfectly with the Pea top notes in Garden 108.


Seedlip Garden 108: 60ml Sugar Snap Pea Shrub: 30ml


Add ingredients to a mixing glass full of ice Stir & strain


Coupe glass Garnish w/ a Pea on a pick


A twist on a classic we all know and love. The rich flavour profile of Spice 94 can handle the depth of Sandows Cold Brew Concentrate. If desserts aren’t your thing, but you’re looking for an elegant way to finish off a dinner party, make an Espresso MartiNO.


Seedlip Spice 94: 50ml Sandows Cold Brew Concentrate: 50ml Sugar syrup: 15ml


Shake & double strain


Coupe glass Garnish w/ three coffee beans