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Our Journal

Submit your recipes for our new e-cocktail book

A few years ago, we proudly brought our beautifully illustrated Cocktail Book to market, with recipes developed both internally, as well as by some of the world’s best bartenders. In recent months, many of you have shared with us the ways in which you’re using your bartending skills to make Seedlip cocktails at home. Thus, we’re excited to embark on another book together.

Today, we open submissions for recipes to fill the pages of what will be our second recipe book: Seedlip: Cocktails at Home. This digital e-book will be made available for free download via seedlipdrinks.com. Even if you’ve sent us a recipe in the past, please formally submit your cocktail recipe and photo via this form.

Grove Tonic Outside

Here are all the details you need to submit your recipe for consideration:

Step I: Ideate your Seedlip cocktail recipe–the ingredients, method & name are important!

Step II: Craft your cocktail.

Step III: Photograph the drink following our guidelines below.

Step IV: Submit your recipe and photos via the form here.

Recipe Guidelines

Please see Section 4 of the Terms & Conditions regarding our recipe guidelines.

• Your recipe must contain a minimum of 2 oz / 50 ml of at least one Seedlip expression

• Your recipe cannot contain any alcohol

• Should your recipe include complex ingredients [i.e. shrubs, syrups], a recipe for these must be included, as well

• Ingredients with measurements in ounces [oz] or milliliters [ml]

• Step-by-step method for making the cocktail

Submission Requirements

• Cocktail name

• Glassware and garnish

• Cocktail recipe

• Your name

• Your location - City, State/Territory, Country [i.e. New York, NY, USA]

• Your email address [will not be made publicly available]

• Your Instagram handle [if any]

• Three cocktail images [see photography guidelines below]

• A short description of what inspired your cocktail [50 word limit]

Photography Guidelines

Cocktail photography is a particular skill. Here are some tips for taking better drink images at home:

• Ensure your cocktail is the focal point. Avoid overcrowding your image and be sure to leave some space for cropping and editing.

• Style your photos with elements of home. Ceramics, glassware, cutting boards, also freshly cut plants, flowers or fruit work well.

• We love a human element, too, like hands and arms holding or pouring drinks. But, make this about the cocktail–please don’t snap a selfie with your drink.

• Give us context. Make use of your environment–living room, garden, kitchen, bar–as nonfocal aspects of the overall composition.

• Please ensure you submit a JPEG, PNG or TIFF file that does not exceed 100 MB.

Submit your recipe for consideration for Seedlip: Cocktails at Home here.

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Why is Seedlip creating an e-cocktail book?

We want to see how you are drinking Seedlip at home and share some of those recipes with our global community.

Who is allowed to submit a recipe?

Residents of the US, UK and Australia who are of legal drinking age [for the US, 21 or older, for the UK and Australia, 18 or older].

Is my recipe guaranteed to be included if I submit?

Unfortunately, no. As the length of the book is limited, we can only feature the very best recipes.

When will I know whether or not my recipe was included in Seedlip: Cocktails at Home?

We will notify those featured in the book via email on or around August 25th.

Where do I submit my cocktail recipe and photos?

Please be sure to consult the Terms & Conditions before submitting a recipe. Submit your recipe here, following the guidelines outlined above.

Where can I find the cocktail book once it launches?

The e-cocktail book will be available globally at seedlipdrinks.com.

Will the e-book be available to download on tablets and smartphones?

Yes. It will be compatible for Apple and Android operating systems.

Will there also be a print version available online?

Yes–the e-cocktail book will be a downloadable PDF that will be available to print, as well.

Do you have tips on the best ways to take a cocktail photo?

Please refer to the tips outlined above and follow our social channels for more @seedlip_na.

Do you have to live in the US, UK or Australia to submit?

Yes, we’re sorry, but the initiative is limited to these three countries.

Can I submit more than one entry? Is there a limit to how many submissions we enter?

One submission per person! Have fun with it.

Can I edit my submission after I have already submitted?

Unfortunately, once your recipe is submitted, we will not be able to make any changes.

Is there an email we can contact if we have additional questions about the e-book?

Of course: usa@seedlipdrinks.com.

Does it matter what kind of device we use to photograph our cocktail?

No, but please note that there are size limits on the photos.


Please be sure to consult the Terms & Conditions before submitting a recipe.

PURCHASE REQUIRED. Must be legal resident of US (21+), UK or AUS (18+). Void where prohibited. Recipe submissions must be received by August 18, 2020 @ 4:59:59 p.m. PST. Recipe must include Seedlip distilled non-alcoholic spirits. Recipe must be solely participant’s original work & cannot violate 3rd party rights. By submitting recipe, you assign any and all right, title and interest in same to Sponsor without compensation. One recipe per person. If selected by Sponsor, recipe will appear in its Cocktails At Home e-book in August 2020. You will only be notified if recipe is selected. Sponsor reserves right to select as many recipes (or none) in its sole discretion. For full details, see Terms & Conditions. Sponsor: Seedlip Inc., Culver City, CA USA; Seedlip Ltd., Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire UK.