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1440 Seedlip Benbranson Cropped

About Us

The Roots of Seedlip

Seedlip is on a mission to change the way the world drinks with the highest quality non-alcoholic options.

Ben Peas

Seeds Sown

Over 300 years ago, it was common for physicians to distill herbal remedies using copper stills, harnessing the power of nature & alchemy to solve medical maladies. In 1651, one such physician, John French, published The Art of Distillation, documenting these non-alcoholic recipes. At that same time, a family in Lincolnshire had started farming, hand-sowing seeds using baskets called ‘seedlips’.

Centuries later, Ben Branson stumbled upon John French’s recipes. Ever the tinkerer, he was inspired to purchase a small copper still and experiment with distilling herbs grown in his garden at home.

After a few months’ time, while dining at an upscale London restaurant, Ben ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail. To his dismay, he was served a pink, sugary drink that neither paired with the meal, nor the atmosphere.

And so began two meticulous years of perfecting Seedlip–combining Ben’s farming heritage, love of nature & design, and fulfilling the need for a sophisticated non-alcoholic option.

Green Shoots

Those years resulted in the development of Seedlip’s bespoke maceration, distillation, filtration, and blending process–for which each individual botanical ingredient is distilled separately, before blending. This process results in a liquid devoid of alcohol and sugar.

Ben launched Seedlip Spice 94 in London’s Selfridges on November 4th, 2015. His first handmade 1,000 bottles sold out within three weeks, the second thousand in three days, and the third in 30 minutes online.


The pioneering movement of offering those not drinking alcohol a sophisticated, adult option has since become a segment all its own: the ever-growing no & low alcohol category.

And since, Seedlip has been embraced by the world’s best bars, restaurants, hotels and retailers across the globe. What began in a kitchen in the woods is now leading a worldwide revolution–changing the way we drink.


Seedlip is only eight years old, and we’ve been humbled by the response.

Voted Number One Best-Selling Non-alcoholic Spirit by Drinks international for the past three years, launching our most recent citrus expression, Seedlip Grove 42, publishing a Cocktail Book with Penguin are just some of the many highlights thus far. We’re still very much just getting started.

Ultimately, regardless of why you’re not drinking, we’re proud to offer you the choice of a flavorful, sophisticated, adult option.


Founder Ben Branson

Seedlip is working with the natural world to change the way the world drinks!

Our Growing Promises

  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Natural Ingredients

All our flavors are high quality, carefully sourced & uniquely combined. Our plants serve the palate w/ a unique & natural tasting flavor.

Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange

Sour character combined w/ a complex profile.

Nature Fact

Known as the Seville Orange or Marmalade Orange.

Blood Orange

Blood Orange

Not-so-sweet blend w/ a soft berry overtone.

Nature Fact

The Blood Orange is a natural hybrid of Pomelo & Tangerine.

Seedlip Ingredient LEMONGRASS


Complex rooty spice balanced by a zesty freshness

Nature Fact

Known as barbed wire grass or silky heads.



Sour acidic freshness paired w/ a zesty nature.

Nature Fact

Lemon entered Europe no later than the 2nd Century during the time of Ancient Rome.

Seedlip Ingredient Oranfe


Bright and fragrant Orange aroma.

Nature Fact

Mandarins are recognized by the characteristic of possessing loose-fitting skin.

Seedlip Ingredient Ginger


Sweet and mysterious warmth of root.

Nature Fact

The Ginger plant can grow about a meter tall.

Seedlip Ingredient Allspice

All Spice

Seed encouraged to amplify nutmeg, cinnamon & clove.

Nature Fact

The fruits are picked when green & unripe.

Seedlip Ingredient Oak


Dry & tannic style and tone.

Nature Fact

Commonly used to make bourbon & wine barrels.

Green Cardamon

Green Cardamon

A floral and fragrant sense of style.

Nature Fact

The third most expensive spice in the world.



Sweet and a nutty aromatic aroma.

Nature Fact

Native to the Caribbean and is historically known for being used in vermouth and amaro.



Embellished with fantastic bitterness & mature tartness.

Nature Fact

Originated in Barbados from an accidental cross between a Sweet Orange & a Pomelo.



Sour acidic freshness paired w/ a zesty nature.

Nature Fact

Lemon entered Europe no later than the 2nd Century during the time of Ancient Rome.

Seedlip Ingredient Peas


Fresh note w/ all the goodness. Eat your peas please.

Nature Fact

A delicacy in the 17th Century, kings would wow their guests by simply serving peas.

Seedlip Ingredient Hay


Unique green & dry quality flavor.

Nature Fact

Commonly used to make bourbon & wine barrels.

Seedlip Ingredient Spearmint


Minty freshness for a clean finish.

Nature Fact

Fittingly known as "garden mint".

Seedlip Ingredient Rosemamry


Fragrant leaves paired w/a woody herb flavor.

Nature Fact

The name derives from the Latin for dew (ros) & sea (marinus) – “Dew of the Sea."

Seedlip Ingredient Hops


Slightly bitter kick w/ a peppery tone.

Nature Fact

The first documented cultivation of Hops was in AD736 in Germany.

Seedlip Ingredient Thyme


Piney, peppery twist w/ lemon and mint.

Nature Fact

Used for culinary, medicinal & ornamental purposes.

Ndg Ingredient Prickly Pear 300X300

Prickly Pear

Sweet, juicy fruit of cactus trees with a tart brightness

Nature Fact

The Prickly Pear Cactus is the official state plant of Texas.

Ndg Ingredient Agave 300X300


Subtly sweet nectar from Blue Weber Agave

Nature Fact

The Lucifer Hummingbird primarily eats nectar from flowering desert plants like agave.

Ndg Ingredient Lime 300X300


Zesty, tart citrus with subtly sweet afternotes

Nature Fact

Limes flower and fruit year round.

Ndg Ingredient Damiana 300X300


Slightly sweet, earthy floral

Nature Fact

This passion flower is native to Texas, Central and South America.

Ndg Ingredient Vanilla 300X300


Creamy, floral and sweet with earthy undertones

Nature Fact

The vanilla orchid is pollinated by one type of bee.

Ndg Ingredient Pepper Corn 300X300


Sharp flavor that is slightly sweet and warm.

Nature Fact

Peppercorns were so important in the spice trade that they doubled as currency.