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5 min read

Six w/ Seedlip

Alice Brandt

IMG 4355

5 min read

Six w/ Seedlip

Laura Vila


Six w/ Seedlip: Scott Briscoe

Founder and Executive Director, WeGotNext.

WGN Ambassador Everett Updateemail 05

Six w/ Seedlip: Everett Ó Cillín

Curator, cyclist & WeGotNext ambassador

WGN Ambassador Niki Updateemail 03

Six w/ Seedlip: Niki Choo

Endurance athlete, biker, skier, paddler & WeGotNext ambassador

WGN Ambassador Ahmad Updateemail 05

Six w/ Seedlip: Ahmad Hijazi

Engineer, firefighter, & WeGotNext ambassador

WGN Ambassador Gabe Updateemail 03

Six w/ Seedlip: Gabriel Patterson

Researcher, scientist, rock climber, & WeGotNext ambassador

Trees 1

Seedlip x Mindy Weiss Sweepstakes

Enter for a chance to win your own Seedlip Soirée this January

Mycellium On Log

Mycelium 101

Seedlip x WeGotNext

Screen Shot 2020 12 17 At 9.58.52 AM

3 min read

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for the Holidays

Five Cocktail Recipes to Try

Holiday Table Setting.jpg

3 min read

How To

Tips for Hosting an Intimate Holiday Gathering

Aster Golden Rod.jpg

5 min read

A Guide to Autumnal Garnishes wth

Dr. Jacqui Wilkins, ND

Toronto Skyline.jpg

4 min read

24 Hours In

Toronto, ON

Bolt Threads.jpg

4 min read

Six wth Seedlip

Bolt Threads

Mycelium Resize Banner.jpg

4 min read

Now Available at Seedlip

A Mushroom based gift set made with Mycelium Technology

Jay Mantri Tfyi0qox08c Unsplash (1)

5 min read

Nature Week 2020

How the Seedlip global team spent time in the natural world

Mark Goodwin.jpg

3 min read

Six with Seedlip

Mark Goodwin

Leah Thomas Header.jpg

3 min read

Six wth Seedlip

Leah Thomas

House Plant

4 min read

Six wth Seedlip

Nick Cutsumpas

Kristen Voisey Header.jpg

3 min read

Six wth Seedlip

Kristen Voisey

Trees in woodland.jpg

3 min read

What Nature Means to Us

How the Seedlip Team Protects Our Planet

Liz Spencer The Dogwood Dyer.jpg

Six wth Seedlip

Liz Spencer 'The Dogwood Dyer'

Autumn Pumpkins.jpg

Seasonal highlights

What to look out for this Fall


3 min read


Green Lab Space.jpg

6 min read

Green Lab

Growing Mint.png

5 min read


grow your own herbs for a natural cocktail garnish

Garden 108 NZ.jpg

The best floral inspired menus near RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Limited edition menus & non-alcoholic cocktails using Seedlip Garden 108

Bluebell Header.jpg


where to find them in the UK


3 min read


Rheum rhubarbarum

My Roots

Seedlip x WeGotNext


Six wth Seedlip

Maryah Greene