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Our Journal

Six w/ Seedlip: Crystal Scruggs

For this month's Six w/ Seedlip, we spoke with Crystal Scruggs, a 29-year-old originally from a small town in rural Mississippi. Now based in Houston, TX, she is a wife, content creator, youtuber, corporate professional, speaker, homeowner, foodie, business guru, shopper, best friend, mentor & your favorite party host on social media. 

I.Seedlip is encouraging people to connect with each other and host their own gatherings with Seedlip to bring people together. What are some of your hosting tips for a Seedlip gathering?  

As the hostess who does the absolute most, I believe the best way to host a Seedlip gathering is to ensure that your guests have options in their beverage choices. This includes different flavors, glassware, and garnishes. The more options your guests have the more inclusive they feel to enjoy themselves.   

II. What’s your go-to Seedlip cocktail for party hosting?

The Grove Margarita with Seedlip Grove 42 is my favorite go-to cocktail for any party. It's fresh and easy to make. Every guest loves a margarita, and it fits any party scene regardless of the occasion. 


III. What's your favorite food dish to serve at a party?

Chips & Dip. It doesn't matter how fancy or casual the party may be, you can never go wrong with serving some type of chips & dip. Whether it's simple salsa and chips, or caviar and crunchy baguettes .... it all works out for any occasion.   

IV. If you’re going out, what are your favorite top 3 places for a Seedlip cocktail in Houston?

Better Luck Tomorrow, Anvil & Rosie Cannonball. 

V. As a Seedlip partner, how would you describe Seedlip to someone who is interested in trying it for the first time?

Seedlip is the drink specialty you never knew you needed. From the flavors to the mixes, Seedlip makes you feel included by having the perfect non-alc cocktail at any event. 

VI.If you could invite ANY six individuals to a dinner / gathering who would they be and why?  

I’ve always believed I would love to invite some of the most successful people I admire.

Those include Beyonce, because she's Beyonce and who wouldn't want to be in a room with her! Then there's Sarah Jakes Roberts who's a complete angel and role model to me. Next would be Michelle Obama who I have admired as a first lady and wife for all the years she has served gracefully while giving back to our communities. Jackie Aina, who's an influencer and socialite to the community of women I serve within my own platform. Cardi B is my all-time favorite artist, not because of her music but because she is the most authentic person I’ve witnessed. We all need to be in the room with someone who inspires us to have the absolute best time of our lives with no regrets, and she would definitely be a pick for me.

Last but not least, I would invite someone who looks to me as a mentor. I interact with so many women on a daily basis, and I believe the only true way to inspire someone for greatness is to bring them along with you on the journey. 

Follow Crystal @ohhthtscrystal