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Our Journal

How to Batch Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

This Memorial Day, soak in the sunshine & sip on our delicious Seedlip Margaritas. Save time by batching your cocktails beforehand to spend more time with your loved ones. Here are our top tips for batching Seedlip cocktails:

1. Multiply your Seedlip by the number of serves but adding only half of the acid and sugar in the recipe to start.

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2. Add citrus slices, fresh herbs or berries, or berries to the pitcher to infuse as it sits.

3. For any cocktail that is normally shaken, you’ll need to add a bit of water in lieu of the dilution you’d get from shaken ice.

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4. And, lastly, ice last! Leave an ice bucket next to your batched cocktail [if it’s served cold] for guests to prepare just before sipping.