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what we’ve been listening to in 2019

    Recommended podcasts: what we’ve been listening to in 2019

    We love podcasts at Seedlip HQ, so we thought we’d share with you a list of some of our favourites from the last year, including a few stand-out episodes that started conversations in the office.

    The list includes a wide range of topics from fun trivia to in-depth interviews. We hope you enjoy them as much we do.

    As always, we’d love to know what you think. Perhaps there’s a podcast you think we should be listening to? Email us at hello@seedlipdrinks.com.

    I. The Goop Podcast

    With a new episode every week, The Goop Podcast covers a huge range of topics with interviews from spiritual thinkers & wellness gurus to CEO’s & system changers. Our stand-out episode this year is How Soil Health is Reflected in the Gut.

    Length: around one hour Listen now

    II. Taste of the Past

    A super resource to tap into the heritage of hundreds of different styles of cooking & ingredients.

    Length: around 50 minutes Listen now

    III. No Such Thing as A Fish

    This has been a long-standing favourite at Seedlip HQ. Listen for fun, brilliant trivia & interesting nature facts.

    Length: Just under an hour Listen now

    IV. How to fail with Elizabeth Day

    A series of interviews with actors, writers, presenters & athletes. Each interviewee talks to Elizabeth Day about the failures in their lives & what they’ve learned from those failures. A great reminder that it’s acceptable to get things wrong sometimes. There are two amazing episodes with Fleabag & Killing Eve writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge that are well worth a listen.

    Length: around an hour Listen now

    V. 10 things that scare me

    One person alone in a room talks about their biggest fears. Each podcast is short, lasting between five & ten minutes. A brief, gripping insight into human nature.

    Length: 5-10 minutes Listen now

    VI. On the Ledge Podcast

    If you’re a proud houseplant parent & want to find out how to best look after your favourite Aloe or Fern, Jane Perrone & her On the Ledge podcast can tell you all you need to know, from watering do’s & don’ts, to browning leaves.

    Length: 30-50 minutes Listen now

    VII. How I Built This

    Inspiring stories from founders of some of the world’s best-known brands.

    Length: from 30 minutes to one hour Listen now

    VIII. HAG Audiobook

    A collection of British fairy tales, early myths & legends reimagined for a modern audience.

    Only available on Audible for £19.99 or free with 30-day trial Listen now

    IX. Desert Island Discs

    Desert Island Discs is a golden oldie that is worth tuning into. We recommend the recent episode with writer & conservationist Isabella Tree, who wrote Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm, a must-read if you love nature writing & are interested in alternative methods of land management.

    Length: around 40 minutes Listen now